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January 8, 2007
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Werewolf              comic by Monyo Werewolf              comic by Monyo
Unpublished Werewolf comic.
The Publishers disapear when they have to pay the work!!
Anyway I`m happy with the way some greyscales and shadows looks like.
I learn a lot with this job, a lot...
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SC4V3NG3R Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2007
Great stuff man.

Your worked for Atlantis studios right? Are they the publishers?

Im working on a comic for them, and im having the most difficult time in getting paid for the penciled work alone.
Monyo Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
This work wasn`t for Atlantis studios...this was for Bulletprooft comics.
But, yes I use to work for Atlantis with James Watson.
In the begining I was very happy, they increase the page rate, they do payments and found new works. but we start to have troubles with delay payments...
In the final Job, the samurai work you can watch on my gallery, they be very delay with payment...I have to wait 4 months to be pay.
I recomend you try to find anothers works in the middle, because if Atlantis it`s your only job, you`ll suffer with money stuff all the way!
SC4V3NG3R Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
I always have backup clients thank god.

I taught this was a unique situation but it seems to be a long term, general problem. Once im done with that comic I wont do business with them ever again.

thnks for the info, and keep doing amazing work!
Monyo Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2007
It`s really sad, because I always put the best of miself in each work.
And the only thing I want it`s work and be pay, and go on...

But except in the mayor leagues, usually nobody respect you...
Anyaway, You have to keep working hard!!

You welcome....We`ll keep in touch!!
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